Women?…Yes, I’m….
Feminist?…do not know I’m pretty confused…
Safe and respected?…quite a debating question….you don’t know when a woman is snubbed.
Am I happy and content?…Yes, I am, until I do not break off the tip of the men iceberg…
Am I intelligent?…even if I’m…my choice, my ideas, my opinion and my thoughts are always said to be poor, demeaned and I am tagged, beauty without brains…
Do you love being a mother?…
Yes, I enjoy it until my children do not shun it or feel low as his or her mum does not know English…
Does this nation want me?….
The newspaper does not show…
Is media misleading me?…then why I am the face of every ads…
Am I commodity?…yup, after all, it is the country of Sita…
So why celebrate International women’s day?
A day to remember there’s a woman at every home, who bears not just nine months of labor pain…but the whole ache in the butts called ‘family’ – and the outcome – she never fades in smiles.
Despite pain…it’s good to be women…
Despite all negativity there’s a hope, the world will be changed…
So stop staring at us, stop keeping an eye on us…those eyes are more uncomfortable
By Moumita Dasgupta

Changed India


69 years of ups and downs
Monarchism to democracy
Communism to capitalism
Riots to terrorism
Inflation to recession
Spiritualism to propaganda
Strikes to rallies
Dandi march to Lokpal bill
Facebook Indians to Khaki Indians
Intellectualist to aam admi
Mission mars to bhopal tragedy
Missile Man to ‘Nirbhaya’
We live by all… we have them all
Living in us…living for us
Changes expected… Changes are
Hope to feel a better Indian every year!
Moumita Dasgupta

The Missing Star


Walking through the moonlit doors,

Coming along a distressed path is a shining star

A dazzling enigma, soon vanquish in darkness behind the door

Once he went inside, never looked back

A faint smile was the last glimpse we caught of him

The key of satisfaction unlocked emotions, from almost everyone

The “little boy” lay calm

He felt no pain,

He was comfortably lying in His palm

But he was there a moment before

Until the scoreboard showed “63 Not Out”


By Moumita Dasgupta



Anger VS Smile

Anger or Smile What Will You Choose?
Anger or Smile What Will You Choose?

Anger or Smile
What will you choose?

Smiles fades but anger prevails..
Choices for it never retains..
Its useless and moves in vain…

Stress, shock, abuse, frustration;
Siblings of anger..

Happiness is the only kin on which smile can linger…

Who proves strong?
Doubtlessly Anger…
So many brain-child to make it last longer..

Smile fades slowly giving the ray of hope..
Shadow of happiness creeps in mind;
Anger slyly ties knot with the revenge rope…

Sniffles and grumble predominates..
Peace we lost, as anger contaminates…
Still I hang on for the inch of happiness..
Confidence I lack as days are a mess…

If anger was a costume I might have thrown it..
Discarded it, trampled it, strangled it to death…
Mirth I need, gleam I need
I need smiles to be my only wealth…

Could I do it?
Could you do it?
May be yes, or may be no…
Smiles we need, more and more…..as miles left to go…


By Moumita

Sunken Ship

Oddities of men, 
How strange to note! 
Confused within own self, 
Thinking to be his own muse. 
Stubs of cigarettes, passionate love, 
Burning gleams of sexual cove. 
High profiled agony sinking beneath; 
Pompous girlfriend, like prickly wreaths.. 
Voice melting like hot chocolates, 
Corporate postures, manpower frets. 

Frowning of might, kiddish luck, 
Frustration deepens, happiness sucks. 
Money, money more money… 
Bed is more sweeter than honey.. 
Sunken ship of menly paradise.. 
In the need of Childhood to be revised.. 
Grown up men, much burden to bear… 
Hope fades, as he finds nobody near.

Love the Surprises  


Love to see him come back before the time

Love to watch him serve you a candle dine

Love to find him knocking the door before Seven’

Love to see him doing the dishes in weekends

Love to watch him grow more compassionate

Love to find him taking for blind date

Love to see him sharing one chocolate

Love to watch him say an innocent Sorry when he is late

Love to find him wore that cunning smile, when am out to shop

Love to see him cracking jokes on my Pop

Love to watch him puzzled, before he leaves for the work

Love to take a stroll with him in the park

Love to see him when expensive gifts make him a magpie

Love to watch him come to me for the tie

Love to find the bedroom full of flowers to calm down my rage

Love to taste the wine together, sitting by the blaze

Love to find him at the place where he is not supposed

Love to watch his childlike face when his foolish lies gets exposed

Love to see him awake, if am down with fever

Love to watch him giving lame excuses over and over

Love to get a long ride from him in the rain

Love to see him being a sport insane

Love to watch him cooking

Love to find him make hours of calling

Love to see him father the kids even when he sleeps

Love to find a husband in you whose has embed a passion so deep

By Moumita



Wrote it on my Soul


I wrote your name with the shining letters,

Shinning as the golden glitters

I wrote with the ink, which will neither dry nor blemish

Materials used will never tarnish

It will make you think of me

Will narrate the days of glee…

Look how shinning are those inscriptions

Togetherness wrapped in my sensations

Glows with delight to express my love

When we were those brooding dove

Days numbered, but the place where I wrote you name

Will never defame

No it’s not my heart, it will extinguish

Where is it?…

Nowhere else but scribbled in my soul, which will never perish

By Moumita…. 30.1.14