Lost and trap in the web of mind,
Abba ’s thought kept unwind
A tear rolled from his wrinkled
Terrible was his life, gone were
the days so meek
Wider the life stretched;
His feelings went wretched
Gone the day of rosy wings;
He was left coiled, in his sorrow
Years passed, days gone;
Bereaved father was left lone
One child he had; that too a girl;
Cruel world made fate befall
Deary she was; splendid to look;
Soon was her nikaah with the
man she saw in her fairy book
Single blow shot from the gun;
There she lay buried under the
graveyard-from were the daisy
Awful was the bloody day;
Hindu or muslim that was their
No mercy, no gain;
Still one can hear her pain
Abba ’s cursed eyes filled to brim;
She passed away in his arms –
like the bride as she thought in
her dream
Moumita Dasgupta


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