Curious smile painted on the lips;
Colour of his nose ball was vibrant red..
The eyes had the depth which subjugated mirth,
He was none else but a Joker by birth.

Noone knew who brought him down to the circus;

A dwarf he was…fun to all;
Least was his growth;he never grew tall…

Neglected,despaired rolled in floors;
Did menial jobs and slept near doors…
Nor animals neither humans he could amuse;
He was left lonely as the muse,,,

Leftover he ate,cleaned tilted mess;
The stage in front was to his great eagerness…
Chance soon came and his wish was put to fuse.
Bright was his dress;nose ball big and lose….

Amidst were he stood flashed many lights;
Audience encircled; he swooned in sudden fright
Useless fellow you will ruin the show……
But need was at par, Joker was the main attraction ajar;

Tripped on the bucket he rolled on the floor…
A loud clap was ultimo which thundered more and more….

Stood in a corner a girl of five;smile she gave made him dive,
Tossed and tripped he made faces fun;
He was the craze who made the show run;

Prized possession was the glimpse of laughter;
No more he could be useless hereafter,
A runaway am i wanted to elope..
Fool would be me to miss this ray of hope.
I will live for the smile they owe…
I will laugh to make them glow;
My dark shades will remain mystify;

I am the Joker who will tend the world to glorify..


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