I am as lonely as silence
Struck with the fear of pestilence
I am as lonely as poet
have the patience of a prophet
I am lonely as the darkness
coiled up in the human mess
Who am I?
Am i the father,who protects his family inspite of bruised by the guns..
Am i the mother,who feeds the child forgettin her own hunger..
Am i the brother,who shields the …chastity of sis and mums..
Am i the sister,who give warmth to the siblings,inspite of the pain she runs..
I am the country who bears all the bruises and pains..
I am the nature who had stopped creation..and watch the bloods to rain..
I am the soul which cries for freedom..but lost all its might..and left maim..
I am the human whose drooped shoulders is searchin for the grave to retire..and get mingled with the earth which turned lame..
Silence i need,silence i am,i freed my soul,to know WHAT I AM!!…


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