A face of terror got unveiled,
bloods dripped down his neck,
He felt his soul to get free from the mortal alignity..
Soon he will lie in peace and eternity..
Two gun shots,pierced his heart..
he panted down his memory lane..
As he aarghed..blood rushed through his veins..
Tears rolled down the ruddy cheeks..yes he was in pain..
Rusty wind took him to the courtyard..
He stood there carrying his two yr old son in arms..
Seventy yr old mother in hysterical brims..
Wife coaxed with all emotions..
Gust of harsh wind blew off,
Cliff 8894..
Sun was setting,it fell on the sling pole which held the tricolour band..its fluttering with forgone tremor..
He did it,he fought till his last breath..
He kept our patriotic fervor..

A Salute to Indian Army..


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