Heal Your Soul


Fluttering butterflies, dangling daisies 
Snow covered field like the wings of fairies 
Cherishable nature, wimpy grass 
Beneath lies moulden year’s carcass 
West wind groans blew out its tentacles 
Sprouts of new off shoots smilingly sprinkles 
As year passes nature blemishes its wound 
New are its off beings, new are its soul 
Vision of hope gleams and shines 
Witnesses utmost sublimes 
What not nurtures is the human soul… 
It degrades a lot and lot more 
Hope to get a renewed soul each and every year 
Caressing and implementing goodness with wear and tear… 
Visionary of nature is to give and share 
Human haunches on snatch and never spare 
Corpse of alive men stink badly… 
Its the rotten soul,says nature sadly 
Ahoy! Men, Stop! Think! Behave 
Restrict your senses your soul needs to be saved 
Cry men cry aloud 
Repent your mistakes 
Love to be spread, love to be given 
Heal your soul be arisen…. 


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