My Unbeatable Love

Love the way i love him
Love the way i realise his love…
Mesmerising love,unforgetful love…
How very will to be uncanny to lose his love..
I am addicted to his love.
Warmthness I found like those brooding dove
Thoughts underlined as days pass..
Will my love be just to appease him?? His thoughts??
He needs only love,muse says me..
He has fathom of trust and patience..
Bridge of Love,smoothen by ignorance.
Too hard to lose a nurtured heart..
Sweet sugarcane turns to saucy tart…
How very off it would be stand alone in darkness?
How very unearthly to get drenched alone?
I need him,his love..
I crave for remote love which he preserves for me..for ever & ever..