Last Wish Will You Keep

Remorse days, silently I wept

Tears rolled, no emotions were left

Whether am a fool, or may be a incognito?

This self-centered world, repeatedly made fun of me

I searched for your arms, but you were not there to comfort me

Selfish were your thoughts, you entangled me in the worldly puzzle

You ask me to be realistic, but you yourself forgot the real self

You lost your identity, one who was mixed with this nature got a separate view

How could I get back the comfort, who will rub my tears?

Who will cuddle in my fears

I know you never broke my trust, but I don’t know what my mistake was!!

I repent not for those mistakes but for those sweet memories which will never leave me

Am counting days, they are numbered

Last wish will you keep?

Take the happiness back, return my sorrows, cause your sweet memoirs are deep

They are rare, unique and indeed less fostered….