To The Woman You Love

Freshness was dripping from her face,
The splash of water, opening her sunken eyes, slowly the water trickled down her lashes..
How beautiful she is!
Gleaming sunrays, shadowed in her gleam
Smile so rejuvenating, can repair any distressed soul
How beautiful she looks!
The reflection on the placid pool, made the nature say, “You Are So Beautiful”
Birds chirruped, herons mooned,
Sweet was her voice that made nightingale, swoon..
Smile that could steal the love of nature
How precious and dear she is
A Woman… God’s artistic creature
Suavity shows in her walk, modernity in her attitude
Her eyes so vast, that nature could take a deep plunge in it
It is God’s heavenly touch, which made Woman so adorable just good as Mother Nature.
Simplicity in her eyes, Smiles of million dollars, Chubby cheeks and a Soft heart, is the Lady who walks in to your life..
Lover her, adore her, say her “You Are Mine”.