Love the Surprises  


Love to see him come back before the time

Love to watch him serve you a candle dine

Love to find him knocking the door before Seven’

Love to see him doing the dishes in weekends

Love to watch him grow more compassionate

Love to find him taking for blind date

Love to see him sharing one chocolate

Love to watch him say an innocent Sorry when he is late

Love to find him wore that cunning smile, when am out to shop

Love to see him cracking jokes on my Pop

Love to watch him puzzled, before he leaves for the work

Love to take a stroll with him in the park

Love to see him when expensive gifts make him a magpie

Love to watch him come to me for the tie

Love to find the bedroom full of flowers to calm down my rage

Love to taste the wine together, sitting by the blaze

Love to find him at the place where he is not supposed

Love to watch his childlike face when his foolish lies gets exposed

Love to see him awake, if am down with fever

Love to watch him giving lame excuses over and over

Love to get a long ride from him in the rain

Love to see him being a sport insane

Love to watch him cooking

Love to find him make hours of calling

Love to see him father the kids even when he sleeps

Love to find a husband in you whose has embed a passion so deep

By Moumita




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