Ami o Amar Kobita

Ami o Amar Kobita

Kichu ta somoi hotath thomke darai

Bhabte bhalo lage

Tomai chhuye joto sopno..

Chile kothar chhade bondi..!!


Smriti gulo bejai rongin..

Tokhon amar boyesh aat…tomai dekha, sei phake

Hothat tumi…sei tumi…eto notun, eto sotej..eto amejpurno..


Tomar sei chhowa…ajo klanti dur kore amar

Nispoloke takano chahuni boddo romantic…

Sada khatar patai, lukono ekta misti hashi tar arale tumi acho shudhu tumi…


Tomar opor pen er alto chhowa ditei, sihirito mon…

Bheshe elo ogunoti smritir sommelon….


Tumi acho thakbe…

Thakbe onontokal…


Ami na hoi srosta hobo na….pabo na sei bhalobashar urdek..

Notun kono kobi…notun kono srostakar..

Tao tumi thakbe …shudhu thakbe..thakbe onontokaal…


Ha bachbe tumi amar noi amader kobita howe..

Sristi bachle, tumi o bachbe..amar haate noi too onno kono notun haate….


By Moumita


Tumi Ameena Ami Mitali

Nodir oprae naki epare…??

Jethai thako, ei dui prithibir kichu khudrotomo ongsho aj o ekirokom roye geche..

Hindu o Muslim, boro ekta bibhed..

Bibhajon howeche eksho bochchor prai, tao glani mete nai….

Er jala sojjo kora boroi dai..

Bhatryiter bodh, adhfota ful..

Agacha samaj er kacche hindu-muslim preeti aj o mosto boro bhul..

Bhebhe dekho mon er kone kothao ki bibhed koro na tomra..

Amra … ora, ei sreni duto bhag korte boddo besto amra..

Ramazan e ‘Ram’ ache Diwali te ‘Ali..

Tao tumi Ameena ami Mitali…


Smriti naki Bismriti

Dure fele asha ek rash smriti gulo..druto palte jai.. 
kothai chilam? 
kenoi ba chilam? 
kenoi ba mayai joralam? 

mithe kono ohonkar lukiye chilo mone..churno holo… 
skito chokher alingone… 
odure sei lampost tar alo chokhe portei..hoonsh elo.. 

somaj o tar ochena mukh bole uthlo…”smriti ankre bacha jai jodi ta sumodhur hoi” 
“bismriti keboli ondhokare thele dei”… 

tramer dhare faka ai janlai bose hisab koshi smriti o bismritir! 

by Moumita 

Fading Year

You walked away silently
I heard you whispering, but I failed to receive you
What you might have said me?
The year was a manifold of emotions, unspoken truth and bitter plays
How I wished that you were beside me today
Hope the relation never faded like the days
365 days a year and how vehemently we wear different shades
And look, you walked away silently…
Was I a pessimist or you failed to be an optimist?
How I wish, we saw our faces at least once to know what were hidden behind those dark eyes.
You gave no time, and you walked away silently
My muse you were, no not the one who inspired poetry
But the one who inspired life
Again a year indeed, and look am sitting alone and watching you walking silently away…far away

To The Woman You Love

Freshness was dripping from her face,
The splash of water, opening her sunken eyes, slowly the water trickled down her lashes..
How beautiful she is!
Gleaming sunrays, shadowed in her gleam
Smile so rejuvenating, can repair any distressed soul
How beautiful she looks!
The reflection on the placid pool, made the nature say, “You Are So Beautiful”
Birds chirruped, herons mooned,
Sweet was her voice that made nightingale, swoon..
Smile that could steal the love of nature
How precious and dear she is
A Woman… God’s artistic creature
Suavity shows in her walk, modernity in her attitude
Her eyes so vast, that nature could take a deep plunge in it
It is God’s heavenly touch, which made Woman so adorable just good as Mother Nature.
Simplicity in her eyes, Smiles of million dollars, Chubby cheeks and a Soft heart, is the Lady who walks in to your life..
Lover her, adore her, say her “You Are Mine”.


It rained slowly…wet it was outside..

Eyes spoke the words unknown…

I missed him beside

Why he crept in, deserted us in a sudden

Why he left me alone?

A sip of cofeee, and I sat reclining..

Soon thoughts rolled ,ears trickling down

Memories bygone made me frown

Mistake was it, should I repent??

What harm I did…I cared him less

Issues were always there but what made him resent

Due to the uncanny of destiny if I meet him again

I will ask why you blessed me with the pain??

Grief you gifted proves you heartless

No balm I sought neither forgiveness

I need nothing much but a cause…

It will heal my bleeding heart

Which may minimise your loss..

My Friend – Part I

The train whistled,curved along a snaky path and up and up it moves.
Taking a sneak peak along its path,bidding warm wishes to those unknown cottages.
Knew not who stays their,some unfamiliar hands soon raises to bid welcome to the train.
Friend,I love you,I missed you.
Soon a happy whistle and a bubble of smoke,smiling faces in the window,worth precious like shinning dew.
Hey! My journey was big enough,I saw new towns,new people,but no one was so warm.
The unfamiliar voice says,I waited for you,longing that you will return soon…without you the tracks were so calm.
They chatted and soon the train coiled high up to the station.
It will soon depart and again a long wait…..I will bring back stories for you,and warmth that you gave me.
I can wait as long as you want,but come soon to make me glee.
Companion like you is great and for me you are the opiminous friend whom I trust, rely and believe.