The Missing Star


Walking through the moonlit doors,

Coming along a distressed path is a shining star

A dazzling enigma, soon vanquish in darkness behind the door

Once he went inside, never looked back

A faint smile was the last glimpse we caught of him

The key of satisfaction unlocked emotions, from almost everyone

The “little boy” lay calm

He felt no pain,

He was comfortably lying in His palm

But he was there a moment before

Until the scoreboard showed “63 Not Out”


By Moumita Dasgupta




Wrote it on my Soul


I wrote your name with the shining letters,

Shinning as the golden glitters

I wrote with the ink, which will neither dry nor blemish

Materials used will never tarnish

It will make you think of me

Will narrate the days of glee…

Look how shinning are those inscriptions

Togetherness wrapped in my sensations

Glows with delight to express my love

When we were those brooding dove

Days numbered, but the place where I wrote you name

Will never defame

No it’s not my heart, it will extinguish

Where is it?…

Nowhere else but scribbled in my soul, which will never perish

By Moumita…. 30.1.14